Airbnb Wants People To Film The Places They Call Home

On crowdsourcing platform eYeka, the marketplace asks filmmakers to submit videos that show people's favorite spots

eYeka, the leading crowdsourcing platform has launched a video contest for Airbnb, asking filmmakers to submit high quality and inspiring videos to help viewers understand how Airbnb enables travelers to feel like they belong. Submissions are open until May 3rd and the winning creators will share €20,000 of prize money.

eYeka, the leading crowdsourcing platform for marketers has launched a set of creative contests in March, including new clients like Airbnb. The trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations around the world, is asking filmmakers to submit high quality videos that show local people's favorite spots. The brand is looking for films that move and inspire, helping viewers to understand how Airbnb enables travelers to feel like they belong.

"Imagine exploring a new city off the beaten track and stumbling onto gems and hideouts that the locals frequent, experiencing them through the unique lens of a local enthusiast. What amazing and unexpected surprises might you discover?"

The contest asks filmmakers to create 60-second videos that shows the interesting, unexpected little things that delight visitors with a peek into their neighbourhoods. Submissions can be made on eYeka until May 3rd 2015, and the winning creators will share four prizes for a total of €20,000 in prize money.

After passing the 300,000 members mark in January, eYeka has now passed the mark of €5,000,000 of prizes awarded to the community. Anyone can participate in eYeka's challenges on

"We have worked with many great brands, from Coca-Cola to Shazam, but this contest is our first with an iconic brand of the sharing economy. We are proud to connect our global community of filmmakers with Airbnb, allowing them to create fresh and authentic video content about the places they call home all over the globe, and I am looking forward to being amazed again by the diversity and the talent of our community." François Pétavy, CEO, eYeka
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    François Pétavy

    François is CEO at eYeka
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    Mario Braz De Matos

    Mario is Chief Solutions & Marketing Officer at eYeka
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