First Amazon Dash Hack Allows Consumers to Propose Creative Ideas to Brands

eYeka is launching its own branded Dash Button to allow everyone to share ideas with brands at the push of a button.


As Amazon just revealed the Dash Button (a connected object that allows consumers to directly order popular brands’ products through Amazon) as well as Dash Replenishment Service (enabling connected devices to order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are low), eYeka is launching its own branded Dash Button, a hack of the Amazon Dash Button that allows everyone with ideas to directly share them with the world’s leading brands.

eYeka has launched over 750 contests on its platform, on which brands ask consumers for creative ideas on how to innovate and market their products better. For example, the company has helped Oral-B bring the connected toothbrush to market and we came up with breakthrough ideas to reinvent instant coffee for Nescafé. But, starting today, launching contests on is not the only way to allow brands to improve their products and advertising campaigns anymore.

eYeka announces that it has created the first hack of the Amazon Dash Button, the eYeka Dash Button, to allow consumers to propose their ideas to brands anywhere, anytime. Using the buttons « record » function, consumers with ideas will be able to record a 10-second message by pushing the button to describe their idea to improve the product they are currently using.

Connected to eYeka’s Companion App, consumers will then be able to select the brand they want to send their idea to (they will have choice of over 300 brands with whom eYeka has already worked) and eYeka will send the idea directly to the executive brand manager. The eYeka Dash Button can be stuck anywhere with a magnetic or adhesive strip that’s on the back of the object, and it can be carried around thanks to the strap that eYeka will provide to its owners.

It is seen as a perfect complement to eYeka’s existing products, because it makes the connection between creative individuals and brands easier than ever before. To get the eYeka Dash Button, anyone can get in touch with eYeka and request one of the 1,000 first eYeka Dash Buttons.

"On July 1st 1941, the first paid TV commercial was aired in the USA. Since then, marketing has mostly been top-down, a one-way street from brands to consumers. We have build the eYeka Dash Button to let consumers engage brands directly. The eYeka Dash Button, which was developped in a record time by our product engineers, is a great addition to our existing solutions to connect consumers and brands to co-create better products together." Nicolas Borgis, Global VP of Product, eYeka
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    François Pétavy

    François is CEO at eYeka
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    Mario Braz De Matos

    Mario is Chief Solutions & Marketing Officer at eYeka
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