eYeka Selects Payoneer to Facilitate Payouts to its Global Community of Creatives

The global partnership will streamline the payment of contest winners for the world's leading crowdsourcing agency

eYeka, which connects a community of over 330,000 creatives with leading brands and agencies to work on creative projects, today announces its integration with online payment company Payoneer. The objective is to facilitate and accelerate the payout of cash to contest winners, which are based in over 160 countries across the globe, making connections between brands and creators as seamless as ever before.

The worldwide leading crowdsourcing platform for brands and agencies, eYeka, is announcing its partnership with Payoneer Inc., a leading online payments company transforming the way businesses send and receive cross-border payments. eYeka's main goal with Payoneer is to make sure community members from across the globe receive their prize money faster, and to make the process smoother than before.

For eYeka members, receiving a prize is one of the best parts of the experience on the platform: it constitutes valuable extra revenue, rewards their creative work, and is the counterparty for which they transfer the intellectual property (IP) rights of their work to brands and agencies. Once received, the prize money allows creatives to buy themselves new equipment, pay for tuition fees or even to help pay for their wedding (https://en.eyeka.com/testimonials).

However, until now, receiving their prize could also be a complicated process and existing payment solutions did not work properly on a global scale for various reasons, such as the systems being limited in some countries like Russia or Ukraine. eYeka's community team therefore had to make long and cumbersome bank transfers or find alternative solutions to pay prize-winning creatives. Payoneer brings a scalable, easy and fast solution to these problems.

Payoneer will now allow eYeka community members from more than 200 countries to get their prize money in over 150 currencies. The solution is faster and more convenient, as creators will be able to select what payment option suits them best: the Payoneer MasterCard® Card (which can be used online, in-store, or at ATMs worldwide) and Global Bank Transfers (where prize money is transferred directly to their bank account in one to three business days).

With this new partnership, eYeka's mission to connect brands and creators is easier and faster than ever before. The system is now live on eYeka's platform and creators will receive the first Payoneer payments in the coming days.

"We’re excited to support eYeka in providing efficient and easy cross-border payouts to their global community. Crowdsourcing is already a model that is changing the way that many of us work and eYeka is contributing to the future of that space. We are looking forward to a long-lasting collaboration with eYeka by providing them with reliable payment solutions that connect the global crowdsourcing industry." Jonny Steel, VP Marketing of Payoneer
"We have already paid out over 5,600,000€ in prize money, and some of these payments have been cumbersome to make. From special requests to regulatory requirements, we have sometimes been through a lot to transfer the money that our community members deserved. As part of our commitment to build a reliable and scalable crowdsourcing platform, this partnership with Payoneer will streamline our processes, making both our staff and our community happy to win on eYeka!" Nicolas Borgis, VP Product of eYeka
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