Japanese Agency ADK First To Form Strategic Partnership With Leading Co-creation Community eYeka

As creative agencies across the world feel increased pressure from their clients to better leverage the millions of innovative ideas and content that are generated daily by consumers online, Japanese agency ASATSU-DK INC. (ADK) is the first major marketing group that is strategically investing into co-creation with consumers.

ADK has formed an exclusive strategic partnership in Japan with eYeka, the World’s leading co-creation community. Tapping into the collective creative power of eYeka’s online community of 200,000 consumers will allow ADK to access fresh, consumer-rooted creative ideas to help its clients innovate their marketing and communication.

As eYeka is a creative online community, ADK will be able to reach out to consumers in 94 countries in a matter of weeks, significantly accelerating its ability to deliver campaigns that resonate across the globe for its clients. The partnership is effective as of the 1st of December 2011.

About Asatsu-DK Inc.

Asatsu-DK Inc. is Japan’s third-largest full service advertising agency and the 15th largest marketing organization in the world (as of 2010). It provides traditional advertizing services, including outdoor ads, planning and creative services, print, television, and sales promotion as well as Internet and mobile media. ADK also provides public relations, marketing, and market research services. The agency is affiliated with, and partially owned by WPP. The agency has about 40 offices in nearly 20 countries worldwide including emerging markets Russia and China.

"The duty of an agency is to embrace change before its clients do so we have decided to take the lead with a new, open model where we integrate consumer ideas from start to fuel creative ideas, to produce fresher campaigns that will truly resonate with audiences worldwide." Kenichiro Omori, Head of Global Business Division, ADK
"Consumers are very eager to contribute in building the brands they support. By engaging them at the onset of the creative process, agencies have a unique opportunity to gather fresh thinking, fast that could help deliver more innovative campaigns thattruly connect with a generation that wants to be involved" François Pétavy
About eÿeka

Rather than offer brands the conventional approach of a few familiar creative eyes to help solve important marketing & innovation challenges, eÿeka connects brands & agencies with a global community of 383,926 highly creative sets of eyes.

The community then competes to deliver the best fresh and relevant ideas in creative contests. Each individual creator brings their unique and fresh perspective to these contests enabling more & better original ideas, in just a matter of days.

By combining the collective intelligence and creative power of our global community with a strategic perspective, eyeka has become the trusted creative partner to many of world’s best loved brands such as P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Nestle.