eYeka promotes the "Spirit of Japan" to support Japan Tourism Agency's latest global campaign

eYeka's global community invited to create stories around the spirit of Japan

03 APRIL 2013, PARIS
eYeka, the world's leading co-creation community, is holding a video contest on Japan to support this original promotional campaign from the Japan Tourism Agency.

With the "Visit Japan" project marking its 10th anniversary in April, Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization are undertaking a radical change in the overseas promotion of the country. Japan Tourism Agency has renewed its promotional videos, website and guidebooks to put the people of Japan at the forefront of its campaign. The newly created website, www.visitjapan.jp, plans to provide a total of over 160 videos to the world, to help individual tourists and entice them to look for the "Undiscovered Japan."

eYeka, the world's leading co-creation community, is holding a video contest on Japan to support this original promotional campaign from the Japan Tourism Agency. The contest, which started on March 15th and runs through April 25th invites creative individuals from across the globe to amaze tourists with stories that showcase the spirit of Japan. To inspire creatives, the brief states that there are 3 unique aspects of Japan that most impress visitors:

  • The character of Japanese people. They are sincere, disciplined and well mannered even during difficult times. Reserved but kind, they are considerate and warm even towards people they don't know.
  • The creations of Japanese people. Born out of people's creativity, meticulousness and appreciation for beauty and nature, these creations by artisans and experts are made using traditional inherited skills but are also infused with modern culture and innovation.
  • The pleasure derived from the common life in Japan. Visitors can always find pleasure in everything, from the passing of the seasons to the small details that make one's life so convenient.

Using a "slice of Japan" photo or video that demonstrates the above aspects, videomakers and animators are invited to create their own original and engaging stories that show the surprising discoveries a traveller could encounter in Japan to "amaze, enchant and engage people and inspire them to visit the country."

Creators worldwide are invited to submit videos and animations no longer than 60 seconds on eYeka before April 25th. A total prize money of €15,000 is offered for the three best videos that show great, plausible stories of surprising encounters or discoveries that could happen in Japan. In addition, Japan Tourism Agency offices all over the world will display the videos online in order to promote tourism to the country.

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