Co-Creation Community eYeka Wins New Projects For KLM, Nescafé, Hyundai and Breyers

The global market leader in online co-creation won a string of new projects connecting marketers with its online community

14 MAY 2013, PARIS
eYeka, the global market leader in online co-creation has won a string of new projects connecting marketers with its online community of creators to develop new product and communication ideas.

eYeka's creators are being challenged by KLM to promote its one-stop mobile travel services with videos and animations, to submit ideas to reinvent black coffee for Nescafé, to celebrate great family moments with Breyers and to describe brilliant experiences when a car is more than just a car for Hyundai.

To date eYeka has launched over 500 creative challenges with consumers submitting over 70,500 ideas, leading to over €2,800,000 in cash prizes awarded. With offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America, eYeka is fast becoming the co-creation partner of choice for leading brands looking to tap into the collective creative power of the crowd for content and marketing innovation.

To participate in eYeka's project, log-on to
About eÿeka

Rather than offer brands the conventional approach of a few familiar creative eyes to help solve important marketing & innovation challenges, eÿeka connects brands & agencies with a global community of 383,926 highly creative sets of eyes.

The community then competes to deliver the best fresh and relevant ideas in creative contests. Each individual creator brings their unique and fresh perspective to these contests enabling more & better original ideas, in just a matter of days.

By combining the collective intelligence and creative power of our global community with a strategic perspective, eyeka has become the trusted creative partner to many of world’s best loved brands such as P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Nestle.