The Future of Laundry Imagined by eYeka's Community

Revolutionary consumer ideas to inspire FMCG companies to reinvent detergent

A major FMCG company collaborated with eYeka, the global leader in online co-creation, to reinvent one of the most boring household chores: doing the laundry. eYeka’s community offered 61 breakthrough detergent ideas, 4 of which stood out because of their novelty and usefulness to consumers.

Laundry is one of the most boring and mundane house chores. We all have bittersweet memories of laundry detergent because while essential to the process, it doesn't make us enjoy it more. How could we reinvent such an ordinary item as detergent? Could we rethink its format, packaging, scent and the way it is used and stored?

A leading FMCG company hosted a co-creation contest on eYeka, asking its community of over 250,000 very creative individuals to “surprise us with an original and revolutionary idea about the future laundry detergent that makes this ordinary household item extraordinary!”

Over a period of 3 weeks, eYeka’s members across 17 countries submitted 61 new detergent ideas. We have identified 5 ideas that stood out from the crowd in terms of boldness, innovation and originality.

  • The preventive detergent: This idea came from an Argentinean creator, who invented a concept for laundry: “preventing it” instead of “washing it”. His detergent transformed into a sleek and stylish spray that works like an air freshener in your closet. The spray creates an “anti-stain/anti-dirt” shield that prevents clothing to become stained at the first place.
  • The “stick-on” detergent: A creator, from France came up with a playful take on detergents: stickers. These would come in many shapes, sizes and cleaning properties to specifically target different types of garments and stains. The sticker would dissolve in water to release its detergent properties. Imagine doing your laundry by marking out your clothes with colorful stickers… How handy and fun would that be?
  • The laundry game: Another French creator turned doing the laundry into a basketball type shooting game. It is a revolution not only for detergents but also for washing machine and the way we wash: the gamification of laundry. In his entry, he describes detergent as small balls that could be bought from a vending machine. His washing machine opens-up like a camera shutter, offering you a small window of opportunity to score by throwing your laundry into the opening.
  • The electronic detergent: A creator from Germany imagined detergent as a streamlined ball full of electronics and LED lights that can be activated with a mobile device. The ball can be filled in with conventional detergent, which is to be released at precise moments, according to the water temperature. This electronic detergent device doesn't’ need to be charged because it relies on the energy generated from the friction between clothes during washing to power-up.
  • The enchanting detergent: An Indonesian creator envisioned detergent as a “rainbow dust” that creates colourful auroras in your washing machine. And he adds a magical touch: What if a detergent ball, when dissolving could release little mermaids? These mermaids would be the real cleaning and freshening agents, with added sparkle.
""This contest really inspired me, I threw myself into this contest, and I tried to do my best… I had several ideas, but not enough time, thus I could only send 2 projects. One of them is a winner, and I’m very happy about it ! Many thanks to the Jury!"" One of the winning creators from France
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