Nestlé FITNESS® Wishes Women a Happy New Year With Crowdsourced Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Designed by Consumers From eYeka's Community Spread on Social Media

What if you let consumers design your greeting cards? Breaking with tradition, Nestlé FITNESS® asked creative individuals from eYeka's community to inspire women around the world through heartwarming, motivational greeting card designs. In 3 weeks, the brand received over 270 cards from 42 countries. Nestlé FITNESS® is spreading the best of these consumer-created designs on its social media channels.

To celebrate 2014 on social media, Nestlé FITNESS® wants to send a message to inspire women around the world: "Be proud of who you are, keep up the good work and enjoy yourself." As a way to empower its consumers and as a celebration of their creativity, Nestlé FITNESS® asked consumers to design simple, visually impacting and inspiring online greeting cards to celebrate women and encourage them to feel at their best every day.

The creative challenge was launched on eYeka's global crowdsourcing platform. The contest brief explained that the e-Cards should be perceived as an inspiration that women will want to share with their friends to encourage each other. Participants were asked to submit their designs at eYeka before November 26th 2013, with winning submissions being in line for a cash prize of 5,000€. All cards featured the creators' names.

In 3 weeks, the brand received over 270 entries from 42 countries as diverse as India, Belarus, Malaysia, the United States, China or Spain. Nestlé FITNESS® rewarded three winning designs from AnnaNThang (United States), Mrno (China) and Chintami (Indonesia), who share 3,000€, 1,500€ and 500€ respectively.

"It was really a tough selection process. There were lots of cards that are truly inspiring and beautifully created but in the end we had to make a decision," Michela Andrenacci, ‎Global Marketing Manager FITNESS® Cereals at Cereal Partners Worldwide, said. "Having said that, we do value all of the ideas. So we are happy to announce that not only the winning ideas will be featured on Nestlé FITNESS'® Facebook page which has more than 3 million fans now."

Nestlé FITNESS® is spreading the best of these consumer-created designs on its global Facebook  page and the winning card designs have been translated in over 20 languages to be disseminated on the brand's local social media outlets.

"Nestlé FITNESS® wants to encourage women to have a healthier attitude to shape management. The New Year is a great opportunity to connect with women around the world, celebrate them and encourage them to have a fresh start. This was the objective of the "FITNESS® Greeting e-Cards" contest, and we are extremely excited about this co-creation experiment in partnership with eYeka and with creatives around the world. The submitted designs were truly amazing, and we are now doing our best to showcase these creative New Year greetings and spread them among our fans." Michela Andrenacci, ‎Global Marketing Manager FITNESS® Cereals at Cereal Partners Worldwide
"Our mission is to connect creative individuals, brands and their agencies in a co-creative spirit. This project perfectly fits this vision and we are proud to empower consumers through the "FITNESS® Greeting e-Cards" contest. Allowing consumers to design greeting cards that are being endorsed and used by Nestlé FITNESS® on a global scale is a fantastic opportunity to spread goodwill while showcasing our community's creative talents." François Pétavy, CEO, eYeka
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