Shazam Crowdsources Music Tagging Visualization With eYeka

Shazam's CMA Awards 2013 music data visualization created by winner of crowdsourcing contest on eYeka

Shazam collaborated with eYeka, the global leader in online crowdsourcing to identify creative talents who can turn its real-time music tagging data into stunning time-lapsed visualisations. eYeka’s community contributed 22 high-quality music data visualizations. The winner, a French freelance designer stood out with its simple yet stylish approach. He was commissioned by Shazam to create a video using music tagging data for the CMA Awards 2013.

We all know Shazam, the genius music identification service which first appeared on our smartphones in 2008, and is now being used by over 375 million people. With so many people tagging sounds and songs - Shazam says that it has recorded over 10 billion tags since its creation - visualization of tagging over time is a very useful tool to capture the magnitude and trends of this phenomenon.

In April of this year, Shazam hosted a co-creation contest on eYeka, asking its community of over 260,000 very creative individuals to turn basic tagging data into 60 second videos that show when people used a specific tag across the United States. eYeka's brief to its community: "Shazam is looking for someone who is able to turn a basic xml file into a stunning time lapsed video vizualization". Participants competed for a €5,000 prize.

Over a period of 4 weeks, eYeka members across 8 countries submitted 22 data visualization ideas. After careful consideration, Shazam identified Jean-Baptiste Bodinier, a French freelance designer, as the winner of the contest. Jean-Baptiste's winning video stood out because of its great use of the assets provided by Shazam, but also because of its clarity, simplicity, stylishness and lay-out.

Last week, Shazam released a video based on Jean-Baptiste's data visualization: People Shazaming The CMA Awards 2013. It shows people tagging the 47th Annual CMA Awards, recognized worldwide as “Country Music’s Biggest Night™,” broadcasted on Wednesday November 6th on the ABC network. According to Shazam, people shazamed the show over 500,000 times, and more than 10% of them went on to purchase music by artists featured in the program.

"I know that technically I was not the best coder, there was this computer science professor who also participated, and whose tool was much more precise than mine. But in the end, the combination of my knowledge in both design and development enabled me to succeed in the contest. When I learnt about the results, I was very happy and relieved, because I really wanted to win that one. Thanks to eYeka, working with Shazam is not only an interesting experience, but it's a prestigious reference for the launch of my agency Brother&Brother, which I launch with... my brother! Globally it is a very nice experience for me." Jean-Baptiste Bodinier, winner of the contest and creator of the data visualization
"Shazam worked with eYeka to find a talent that could turn around a video demonstrating Shazam usage across a particular timeframe. We hope to use this service on multiple occasions and use it in a variety of ways, from sales pitches to media interviews." David Jones, EVP Marketing, Shazam
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