Hyundai Launches Global Brand Campaign Based on Crowdsourced Idea

Creative Concept Behind "Live Brilliant" Print Ad Campaign Inspired By Winning Idea From Italian eYeka Member

Hyundai recently rolled out its global brand campaign "Live Brilliant". The inspiration for the creative concept comes from Federico Grosso, an Italian creative from Milan, who participated in eYeka's "Brilliant Experience" contest organized by Hyundai. It was brilliantly adapted into a series of print advertisements currently running in major weekly publications and in-flight magazines. While 72 of the World’s biggest brands and an increasing number of agencies are currently seeking marketing and campaign ideas directly from consumers through crowdsourcing platforms such as eYeka, this is the first time that crowdsourcing is being credited for its collective creative power by a major brand.

Hyundai was looking to bring to life its global brand campaign “Live Brilliant” with fresh creative expressions that show that a car can create special experiences beyond transportation. Hyundai challenged eYeka, an open online community of over 270,000 very creative individuals active in over 160 countries, to tell original, unique and engaging stories where people have brilliant, memorable experiences with a car, in the form of videos and print ads.

In 5 weeks, the brand received 233 entries from 43 countries as diverse as France, the USA, Indonesia, China or Italy. After carefull consideration and screening of all submitted ideas, Innocean rewarded 6 videos from the UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, China and Malaysia, as well as 6 print ad designs from Italy, Indonesia, India and Spain.

The winning print ad design, from an Italian creator called Federico Grosso and nicknamed "Oceanomare" on eYeka, talks about “personal mobile inspiration” and depicts a man sitting in his Hyundai, stopping by a majestic tree who decides to draw a tree house on the car window to complement it. Federico was awarded €10,000 for winning first prize of the print ad category on eYeka.

It has been adapted by Hyundai into a series of ads, showing how a cloud can turn into ice cream when you hold a cone up to the car window, or musical notes could be etched when passing by electrical power lines. Each print ad also features a by-line that states: “This ad was inspired by ideas that consumers shared for the Hyundai co-creation contest at eYeka” making it the first time ever a brand and its creative agency explicitly recognize crowdsourcing as a source of ideas for a global campaign.

The campaign is currently running in airline magazines such as Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Korean Air and Asiana Airways, as well as in global publications such as The Economist.

"I want to thank Innocean, Hyundai and eYeka. I am very glad to know that my idea is a source of inspiration for Hyundai, and the fact that I saw my idea in these magazines is really amazing! This was the intent of my concept and I posted 3 works just to demonstrate the flexibility of the idea, beyond the execution, so I am particularly pleased that Hyundai caught it. I strongly believe in the power and the beauty of ideas. Behind every good idea there is a good story, and that is what we are created for: to tell stories. There is always a blank paper to fill. That’s the eternal challenge, and the eternal source of inspiration. " Federico Grosso, "Oceanomare" on eYeka
"We are very proud to have worked for Hyundai on this project, and we are even more delighted to see our community's creativity recognized in this print ad. Not only is Federico being rewarded by having his idea implemented on a global scale, but Innocean and Hyundai are also explicitely citing the eYeka community as a source of inspiration. This is the first time crowdsourcing is being credited for its collective creative power by a major brand, and I believe that we will see this more often in the future." François Pétavy, CEO of eYeka
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