7UP Joins Leading Brands In Crowdsourcing Fresh Ideas and Content on eYeka

Sparkling brand joins eYeka for refreshing ideas

26 MARCH 2014, PARIS
eYeka, the global market leader in creative crowdsourcing for marketers, has recently won new client 7UP, which is looking for creative consumer ideas to refresh its appeal amongst the younger generation. With this new project, eYeka passes the 620 contest mark and €3,800,000 awarded to creators across the globe.

The month of March got eYeka's creative community another set of challenge from several new brands, including 7UP, the iconic lemon soda brand. 7UP has turned to eYeka's  community to refresh its brand and help refresh its appeal amongst the younger generation (18-24 years of age). The company is looking to strengthen its "cool brand" factor by asking eYeka's community for graphic design and packaging ideas. The brand offers €5,000 in prizes for the best designs.

With this new client on board, alongside new contests launched for brands such as Durex, eYeka has passed the milestone of 620 creative challenges launched on its global platform. In March, eYeka has also launched contests for brands that have already tapped into its creative community, such as Dutch Lady or Duracell. To these contests, consumers have submitted over 75,600 ideas and have been awarded more than €3,800,000 in cash prizes so far.

eYeka's community currently has more than 276,000 creators from 162 countries across the globe. With offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America, eYeka is quickly becoming the indispensable partner to brands who are looking to tap into the collective creative power of the crowd to source ideas and content to boost their marketing ROI.

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