eYeka Launches New Mobile Crowdsourcing Service To Create Global Trend Boards

Picture-based mobile service allows brand marketers to crowdsource visual inspiration from consumers in a matter of hours

eYeka, the market leader in crowdsourcing for marketers, is launching a new mobile crowdsourcing service that allows brands to seek and gather visual inspiration across markets in a matter of hours. Respondents can submit pictures along with 140-character answers to respond to brands' questions. This new approach is a fast, creative and cost-effective way to seek inspiration for new products and campaigns.

When brand marketers seek to understand consumer trends across the world or seek inspiration, they turn to traditional market research. Often these research projects take months to collect and consolidate consumers’ views. And depending on the type of consumers that are interviewed, what comes back may not be awe-inspiring.

Today, eYeka, the market leader in crowdsourcing for marketers, is launching a new mobile crowdsourcing service that allows brands to seek and gather visual inspiration across markets, in a matter of hours. The service reaches out to the most creative of consumers that have registered with the eYeka community to ensure both diversity but also creativity of output.

Through its creative platform, the eYeka team can post a challenge to its community that is instantly accessible online, and especially designed for smartphones and tablet users. Examples of questions launched for clients were: “Share an image that best describes, in your views, the concept of a super tasty breakfast cereal for millennials!

The questions appears under the "Quick Questions" tab on eYeka's responsive website, visible by all connected community members, who are then able to submit pictures along with 140-character descriptions to respond to the question. In a matter of hours, brand marketers collect hundreds of rich and inspiring creative visuals, that are either collated as trend boards or analyzed by eYeka’s in-house team of strategic planners to unlock additional insights.

The results are available through eYeka's online dashboard, beYond®, on which marketers can manage contests and questions, share the results with colleagues, pin down their favourite ideas, and ‘channel the flow of creative inspiration coming from consumers’.

"With our new mobile crowdsourcing service, marketers can now source consumer-generated mood boards in a matter of hours, which is a highly valuable solution for many of our clients. Our community is always looking for opportunities to grow and we see this mobile-friendly format as a logical complement to our call-for-entries. It provides them with new challenges and an additional way to express their creativity." Nicolas Borgis, VP Product, eYeka
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About eÿeka

Rather than offer brands the conventional approach of a few familiar creative eyes to help solve important marketing & innovation challenges, eÿeka connects brands & agencies with a global community of 383,926 highly creative sets of eyes.

The community then competes to deliver the best fresh and relevant ideas in creative contests. Each individual creator brings their unique and fresh perspective to these contests enabling more & better original ideas, in just a matter of days.

By combining the collective intelligence and creative power of our global community with a strategic perspective, eyeka has become the trusted creative partner to many of world’s best loved brands such as P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Nestle.