Easy Mac and Nada Join A Growing List Of Brands On eYeka

In June, leading crowdsourcing platform eYeka launched a set of new contests for new and repeat clients

In June, the global market leader in creative crowdsourcing for marketers, eYeka, has won new clients like Nada and Kraft Easy Mac. Along with existing clients like SK-II and Oral-B, for which eYeka has also launched new contests this month, these brands will crowdsource innovative ideas or branded content from the world’s most creative minds. The month of June also marked the 78,000th idea submitted to the eYeka platform.

The month of June has rolled in new challenges from eYeka’s new clients, like Kraft's Easy Mac and Nada. These clients are in search of inspiration for innovative products, fresh ideas for their communication, or videos and animations to use as branded content.

  • A leader in the beverage packaging industry has challenged eYeka’s creative community to invent an innovative dispensing system that will give kids a fun and renewed drinking experience. The winners of this challenge will share a prize of €5,000.
  • Kraft’s Easy Mac has challenged eYeka’s creative community to create videos and animations that communicate to consumers that Easy Mac is back with its original flavour, and that encourage consumers to try it. The winners will share a prize of €15,000.
  • Nada, a premium brand in the fruit juice industry, seeks engaging stories that tell how each sip gives people a better perspective of the world. The brand is looking for videos and animations, and the winners will share a prize of €15,000.

With these new clients on board, along with a host of challenges from returning clients like SK-II and Oral-B, eYeka has launched 654 creative challenges on its platform, in response to which creators have submitted over 78,000 ideas. eYeka's community currently has more than 283,000 creators from 163 countries across the globe.

With offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America, eYeka is quickly becoming the indispensable partner to brands who are looking to tap into the collective creative power of the crowd to source ideas and content to boost their marketing ROI. Anyone can participate in eYeka's challenges on www.eyeka.com

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Rather than offer brands the conventional approach of a few familiar creative eyes to help solve important marketing & innovation challenges, eÿeka connects brands & agencies with a global community of 383,926 highly creative sets of eyes.

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