IBOPE Inteligência Partners With eYeka

The leading Brazilian full service market research company integrates creative crowdsourcing into its service offering

IBOPE Inteligência, a reference in market research for products, services, brands, communication, public and political polls, partners with leading crowdsourcing company eYeka to tap into the collective creative power of its global community.

IBOPE Inteligência, a company of the IBOPE Group responsible for analyzing market and society behaviors in order to guide clients in their strategic and innovation processes, has partnered with eYeka, the global market leader in crowdsourcing. The partnership will allow IBOPE Inteligência's clients to tap into the collective creative power of eYeka's community for a variety of topics such as new product development, packaging design, print and video advertising, and other services.

eYeka connects brands and agencies with its creative community of over 290,000 people from over 160 countries, from amateur to professionals, through contests on its online platform www.eYeka.com. The company's clients, including the world's leading brands and agencies, come to eYeka with a marketing, communication or innovation challenge which is being transformed into a creative competition by a team of strategic planners. eYeka's community members can then browse through challenges on the platform to decide which contests to participate in, and submit their idea in the form of a presentation, a design or a film.

Creative people who participate in eYeka's brand contests are motivated by the ability to creatively express themselves, to get recognition from their peers as well as from their affinity with the brands and the cash prizes offered as rewards for the best ideas. 

Leading brands such as Unilever, P&G, Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Hyundai and Toyota already work with eYeka. Examples of successfully completed client projects include work done as part of the global "Dirt is Good" campagn for Unilever (see here) and Hyundai's "Live Brilliant" campaign (see here).

About IBOPE Inteligência

IBOPE Inteligencia is a company of the IBOPE Group responsible for analyzing scenario, market and society behavior in order to guide clients in their strategies, tactic decisions and innovative processes. To support the decision making process of its customers, the IBOPE Group supplies the largest collection of information about the Brazilian and Latin American markets, conducting research on a wide variety of subjects including: media, public opinion, politics, consumption, behavior, market, brand, advertising, and internet.

Investors, politicians, governments, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, marketing professionals and channels of communication count on the breadth and depth of public opinion research, the precision of political polling, instantaneous audience measurement, the flexibility and commitment of the IBOPE Group's analysts in all types of studies, as well as the most advanced technologies for supplying strategic information.

"IBOPE Inteligência has always been committed to helping companies listen to their customers, to recommending actions and to supporting the innovation process through unique techniques. With this partnership, we extend our service offering to tap into a global creative community on an online platform, and we benefit from eYeka's extensive expertise in crowdsourcing ideas for innovation and communication." Silvia Cervellini, Director of Business Intelligence, IBOPE
"We are delighted to announce this partnership with IBOPE Inteligência, which sees eYeka as an innovative service offering that they can share with their clients to be able to come not only with insights and evaluations, but also with tangible solutions that the clients could implement more easily. We are looking forward to help a number of big companies to innovate faster and market better." Sara Crespo, Global Business Director, eYeka
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About eÿeka

Rather than offer brands the conventional approach of a few familiar creative eyes to help solve important marketing & innovation challenges, eÿeka connects brands & agencies with a global community of 383,926 highly creative sets of eyes.

The community then competes to deliver the best fresh and relevant ideas in creative contests. Each individual creator brings their unique and fresh perspective to these contests enabling more & better original ideas, in just a matter of days.

By combining the collective intelligence and creative power of our global community with a strategic perspective, eyeka has become the trusted creative partner to many of world’s best loved brands such as P&G, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Nestle.